listing of things,

ritee then, hello monday, hello hectic days, and hello to many other things,

now, its kind of weird even for me, like we just there and come to school with all those homeworks and masih ngak tau kalo itu udah bener apa ngak.well, it happened to me for the english, since the teacher yahh gituu lahh, jadi basically, semua orang will find their spot, and do their thang in the fastest way they can think of.sooo, such a morning activity yang udah jarang gue liat lately.

usual assembly, soo nothing special..

ariani got home, since she need a sugery for a broken finger,hheheee, you know why,wish you could better soon, well bsok juga udah basuk kok

noww, im in economy, and try to explain what is the cycle of income flow, which is not too successfull, since no one in class get it when i try to present the meaning in front of class.well luckily for yogi, he answer with satisfy, detail, and comprehensive,soo clap for him and with the rest of the clas..horee!!!

got out from recess, and eat my food, and yummy for fish sandwich that i bought this morning from fajar, and yoghurt.ehmm!!!and off to english clas..

skip the english class session, not that i skip the class, just dont want to elaborate too much to it.okeyy, talking about maps and all those perspective point of view, while im gosssipping with celine,hehehe,and then discussion on the good students.yeahh.

udahh ahhh, cape gue listingnya, but atleast thats the highlight of the day,
okee thenn,
homeworkzzzzzz watinggzzzz,

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