my life in these few days has been effing hectic!!!!i mean for reall forr reall!
i cant stay up at school for like 2-3 hours in a day just to organize gazziliion things!
dont forget all the homework i need to done at the afternoon!oommiigee!!

soo anyway, thats the highlight of the life that've been covering me soo far!
i dont have anything to share btw?!well i actually i had!
last tuesday, we have school assembly as usual, since it will be held on tuesday last week in a month.and then, the theme is respect others.hmm, pretty nice huh?!
'kayy thenn,,,everything seems to be fine, until about 8:20 kids with blue uniform , as if the ELEMENTARY came up to the stage and do the dance. i was like WHAT!!!!well, the form of dance that they are perform is something like modern contempory, sooo its not really traditional but not to futuristic in a way,.

okayy im not really sure what to sayy lahh!!

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