wake up in the dawn.

yeahh i know, i should be in bed waiting for my alarm to ring me and makes me wake up...but instead of that, im studying my economy test for this morning.so far, i already got the concept of supply, and demand is well pretty much the same actually, soo im gonna do it in about 10 minutes from now.okayy!!!

hmm, i kinda sleep early, i meann wayy wayy wayyy earlier last night, like 7:30, lights in my room already went off, since i decided to go to my bed and have a rest on the day.since i kinda of not well, sooo yeahh, i dont wanna force myself and got worst ofcourse, but now i feel a LOAD better then last night!thankk youu thankk you, since if i sick or something happen to me within the week, i cant do my fasting and that is like the total and massive destruction to me?!hmmmm~

friday already, sooo like i told you 3 more days to go for fasting people, and that means Lebaran story also coming up in about a month from now.theeeeee~ i wonder hows gonna be yahh this year?!better?!not really?could it be my last lebaran in here with everyone in here before i migrate?!maybee?!everything can happen rite?just prepare for the worst, i think that's the better idea.

well, my day are still in the hectic mode, and thats not going to change until the exam coming out.extra study time will be added to my daily to-do-list after doing all my non-academic, since i know im not gonna be able to sit down at school read the material or whatever that is.and you know what!listen to the teacher carefully, i mean seriously no talking during the session and just focus on your notes, is the best alternatives if you are in my situation you know!!yeahh, im telling you, its some kind of study tips actually.ngahahahahh~

ritee, i should study more demand in economy right now,
and im gonna say GOOD MORNING since its like almost 4 in the morning, soo yeahhh why not!
byeee!and wish me luck for the test!

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