saturday FULL PACK!

good morning!soo last night i was watching the American Mall, and the movie is actually produced and directed by the one who do that with HSM.and the result is that, they have ateast 80% same element with it,and i cant stand it watching it!BUT THE MUSIC IS SOOO CATCHY!!!it just something,

soo it saturday again, well i dont have many things to say about my yesterday or whatsoever,i like that to be skip and fast forward till today.oomigee, today is like freakin hectic and full pack should i say...well look at this:
  1. go to ragunan with Go Green Club until 14.00
  2. play with my sis @ senci
  3. accompany my mom and sis again, to watch BARNEY!??!!!
adohh!!!like whatt!!BARNEY!!!but here's why i wanna go, tommorow is my mom birthday, soo atleast i done something good for her, i which yeahhh, okayy lahhh...

tribute to J.E, thanks!09/08/08

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