the last few days my head is seems kind of sick for some reason, since i had this "cenutt-cenutt" that i dont know came from nowhere.well, i kinda dont give a attention it, but until today, it do come sometimes in my day..goshh, am i having a stress or something?!

soo anyway, i havent updated since Friday, in which i should thank all of the participants in the sucessfull events of our very own Buka Puasa Bersama.yeahh, without all of you, this is just nothing, and came out to be another event that will never be a culture in our own community.

okayy then, lets just leave everything behind, and enjoy a moment for a while.since its holiday time people, well, for most of you ofcourse, since some of you might go overseas to enjoy you free time with family or relative, but not for me..okayy, dont wanna talk about it.lets just be the things in our mind..

and then. gue dipanggil sama guru.,in which gue juga ngak ngerti kenapa?!ahh ya sudah lahh, whatever will be will be, gue ngak ngapain2 dia ini.capee dee.

byee then..
writing all your thought really makes eveyrthing nicer.

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