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soo yeahh, after many long hours of chores, now i have my time to write up something in my beloved online confession (more likely to be a journal..)

anyway, in these past few days there are many things happened, and the most un-interesting one should i say, is the that "to do chores activity", yeahh i know, it feels like im kind of spoiled brat or something, but it is tiring and exhausting, in which give me an idea how my maid is working everyday in this kind of condition.soo yeahh.

other than that, is my CAS visit to Sayap Ibu or Filza like to putting it in English and become Mothers Wing,ahahah!.soo, i made a new friend there named PIPIN!yayy, i just love him so much, he soo full of joy and humor.like every time i try to make a weird word, he will laugh like CRAZY!and that the one i have been looking for.heheheehee.

next, is my short hours of sleeping that i experienced in the past few days, in which makes my eye bag turn soo big,eughh!!!!i need a sleep people.*snoree* *snoree* *snoree*

rite thenn, just changed a template.hahhahaa,
was it bad?please give some feedback,thanks :)

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