hello again,

soo hows lebaran people?everything satistfied with their opor, rendang and ketupat menu on the table?i hopee 'kayy...

well, i had my good old time in the day ofcourse, "sungkeman", family photos and ofcourse a little gossipy chitty chatty talk just wrap it a day on the first lebaran..pretty interesting should i say..

anyway, jakarta is kinda not that empty, eventually since i can still find a busy traffic through out the week, and it seems people are cancelling their trip to Kampoeng, well its just an assumption, im not really sure whats really going on outhere..

whats next, ehmmm, i kinda miss some of my cousins though, since i dont have a change to meet them. most of the youngster, should i say, busy with their own studies outside of Jakarta, and awwwww, i think my time is come in about 1 1/2 years (kok jadi ngak nyambung gini yahh)

oo well, got nothing to say actually, just wanna have an upadate on my Lebaran..
soo long farewell, until we meet again...
Happy Hari Raya,

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