the week of lebaran, should i say, officially over..well, traffic is come back into their nature, ehmm, malls getting crowded, sale in some shops is getting smaller: warning, all of these might be invalid, so please, dont belive straight away with what i've been writing, thank you reader :)mak

anyway, what is better than a fresh new start in new school term?anyone interested?well, im not really in ecstatic condition, which makes me gonna jump around and screaming, but more into time filling.oo yes people, my day just been cope with sweeping and gardening, like omg, do i have a life or something?!

so, school start in about 1 weeks, and unfortunately homework is piling up, yet with research and some reading on my syallabus ofcouse.not to mention, i have to make work plan for the council.okay, im gonna close this with, ohhmyeffinggodplease.

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