random 101+101

what could be more precious than having someone beside you...
someone who is there when you're cry, tired, pissed, happy, or just having another happy giddily day..
ohh, yeahh, nothing compares that feeling, and im sure it worth than anything you could imagined?
have you feel that lately?
ehmm, i hope.

heii, im not try to mentor you guys with some crappy questions of course, but i just feel there are some things that i need to put off in here.since, its better to do it now, then never, and im ending up scrawling other people life with my problem, which i dont want to be the start of drama, or any kind of gossips.

soo here what it is...

a friend...is more to someone who can be there.but here's the thing, have we found them?or are we still in the search for these "life partner"?sure it is taking a lot of time, there are no instant things in life, right? the search that we are trying to do, is taken a way to find the true self actually, since it is the time for adjusting the same condtions with others to make a solid relationship though.because in the end, what is matter is the one who knows the inside but not just outside (whoopsie, that is kind of cliche actually)

oo yeahh, i have been in that kind situation, where i get to choose which one or groups should i get in?but as a matter of fact that im in high school, i should get it done in the last 13 months rite; since the start of the school is last year, and also mark the beginning of my high school journey xD.it is hard i should say, since i dont want to make a friend eatings in indonesian a.k.a EMTE (makan temen) since thats just one hell of nasty condition, which im pretty sure you dont want to get involved with.sure, the choice should be made, the one who offer you a solid and long lasting yet unforgettable moments of friendship or the one that desired on popularity.

people of course and obviously?choose the first choice, in which according to my rama 101 friendship guide, the toughest but worth to be done. how about the second, its not a wrong thing to have a fame and little bit of "everyone know me session" of course, since that shown how social you are, but i think (i dont know what you guys think) there is a doctrine where the second one is for the one who has...(err...i dunno how to say it, maybe i just stop in that part and you guys can figure that one, thanks, cause i just dont want to be offended in so many way..)

soo until this point, maybe you guys think, im talking crap.well, you can say that..im okay with it.i just watched greys anatomy, and that shows is kind of teach me a lesson, where there is a choice to made in every situation you are getting in.well, i know, maybe the show is not the best example that i can show you, but what i can is that, it is the most closest things that we can reflect on..or not ofcourse (depends whether you like the shows or not..).but here's the thing, choice is made by ourself, especially when it come to friends.

have you made the decision made?
remember, there is a choice to made btw..
soo, im sorry if i talking craps, once again im soo sorry,
am i wasting your time?why you even bother to read it then?its you fault.

currently; he's having a random thought in his brain about everything around him, and yeah, im in the moody status by the by..

P.S: i dunno that mscteamy is that muscular :)

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