saturday cilincing(ians)

soo today, me, michi, adam, rueben, joshua, tian, miss vivi, and mr andreas gone to cilincing for distributing some packages for unfortunates children's in the fishermen village.oo the excretion just a fun fun on saturday, wee!!!.

the place is really cool actually, since the beach is right infront of their houses, and whats interesting is that, most of the people lived there is catch green mussel rather than fish (since what i saw is most of the villagers is peeling the meat inside the shell, and put it out on the bowl, so they can sell it later).

right, i think thats the brief info on what piccies that you are going to see, enjoy!!(and thank for miss vivi to taking up the picture,some really worth to save it.hehhehe)

puppy found near the site,hheee :)

lautku malang, jadinya jakartku malang,

some kids naked in the water damp having shower.


women peeling out the mussel from their shell

kak lambok distributing the package,cheesee!!

butt cracked,teheee~

groups photo!

anginnya sewilir,hehehe,

michi and joshua, keberatan bawa tasnya.hehe.

we mark ourself in Cilincing

classroom condtion in the site

adam distributing the package to one of the children

nothing compares the feeling on making others happy,cheers!
service club and buka puasa bersama committee collaboration project, Cilincing Packages Distribution.11/10/08. binus school simprug.continue to make a difference!

P.S: thank you for miss vivi for taking all of pictures shown above.no right reserved.2008

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