saturday remedy

ooommmyy, my blog has just becoming an online rotting page, since i barely touch this for like a week, if im not miss count the days.
eughh, exam is coming up binusians?!and thank god i have monday for holiday, but just like mr. tommy said, "its not the time where you can hang out in PS or senci".hahahaa, yeahh, i agree with you..

soo, hows ur preparation?have u start to review all your papers that full of eqaution. especially for students in Physics, and Chemisitry?!
or, read again some of McLuhan theory on media?!
i hope this year, no one gonna fail the exam, and lets have a nice quite season greetings,since Santa is coming to town, eh?!just cross you finger and no peeking at 12:00am.

anyway, last night i just had 11 hours of sleeping, and when i woke up its feel like im flying..well not really, it just that i never had a long hours of resting before.soo it makes me, kinda of satisfied in a way.oo yes, school really sucking up everything that my body can handle, which i just realized, each day, its just getting bigger and bigger..and it will grow in the day...oo well..

goshh, i kinda not ready with my english, so pleaseee, god give me something to think off for my essay!

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