what i missed..

i have thinking to wrote the post in friday, noo, sunday actually, but i always get lazy when getting to tapping all those words in here...ahahahaa, soo here i am sitting nicely on a cushion dinner table and ready to tell you all i missed in those few days..

yes, the Council finally got their first ever camp, but i like to exxagurate into Leadership camp.hehhee, well it explains what we're doing there ofcourse, its all about bonding and know about yourself...but thats the point right?!getting to know new people around you is a great way to expand yourself in a matter of knowing ourself..all of us enjoyed this a load, and the late night sleeping @ 1 AM on saturday, would be the higlight of the day..ooo yess guys, dont we miss our "5 minutes more sleeping time".hahaha, and I' VE GOT PICCIES!! enjoy:

laper... :(

mita,,ckckkccc, lololool LEBAYY!!!

i love it!
2. Go Greener(s)
our club has been progressing really fast in this couple of weeks before heading off to exam (hmm, in about 2 weeks..ahahhaa). some of our friend join this activity, since yeahh, they actually interest on what we are offering, which is getting to be more aware on you environment.im very surprise that, everyone is working their ass of to get into this point.soo salute to everyone!!weee...oo yeahh, this afternoon we had this paper friend program (hence, this is our second program after the Greendays, in which we are going to held on Friday, 21 Novemer 2008..soo if you look some of us wearing the green shirt that mean we are on the duty of this event.SUPPORT US yaa GUYSS!!!!!SAVE THE WORLD, SAVE YOURSELF)..and ofcourse piccies is also served in here..hehhehe :)

draining the paper pulp

let it dry under the sun..

before that, use this board as a "printing machnine"

our first ever PAPER RECYLE!!~tribute to Paper Friend of Year 12.

yeps, make it dry to let it fry.hahhaa.

i think so far, my time has been suck up by school.there barely time for me to atleast go out and have my rejunevate time for a while.its not like i cant divide my time, its jus too much thing would be miss if i do that..well, seniors outhere?what kinda of HS life you guys had?!is it something more hectic like mine?or the other way around..maybe you can share some of the thought in the tagboard...that would be nice...

right thenn, back to work people,
writing this post is a stress relieveing for me, since everything that just there, now drain into the structure of words..ahahhaa,
see yach :)

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