convo of the day

this saturday, while everyone in the house gone to Safari Zoo in Cipanas, i decided to visit my grandma for the day.well, like the usual ofcourse, i met with them, have a little chat, and oo yeahh, i rode ANGKOT to some malls there with my bro, so i can atleast feel on what is like to get around with that thing, other than your car.hehehehe, save the environment and save your pocket money, lol!

but anyway, the day had been good refreshing after extreme malls exercusion that i just did in the last 3 days.like, me, mom, and dad can stay in there up to range of 5-6 hours/day in the malls, and we spent all the times on eating and drinking.ooo yes, someone just hope not ruining his diet structured, apperently it has been goes on and on until now,hehhehee,lets get fat for a while shall we, well not "fat", its sounds too harsh for myself (i dont wanna tell myself as a fat -.-), what about "bigger".

most importantly, i got the chance to met up with my mom!yayyy!!ahahhaa, she's like cancelling all her plan today, because i wanna visit the house for the day,hhehehehe.

so in the car, when she rode me home, we had this convo where she discuss about on what suit me the best for my future,which something that i need to more often with some relation, cause time strain that available for me to think something like this, is ticking off and i need options, that for sure.my mom said that, "physcology can be good for you, but that cant make you goes everywhere in the world, maybe you ending up sitting there in an officce without getting the travelling that much, sorry hunny, thats just a no-nom but thats doesnt mean you cang go there, tourism can be a good chance also, and you know what, im telling this, because i wanna give you option to make".

before that, i said to here that, one of my main goal of my life is that, i can bring myself around the world and see what it feels like to conquer something with living in the city.aww, come on, have you ever imagined youself living in NYC, London, or Greece?served with everything you need, and feels like you dont need to get a job to accomplish what you want, since it already there...and all of them is happened because you are working as one of the high management either in the hotel or tourism company, which everything that i just said is just a small perk that you can get..ahaha, who knows it can be much bigger when you actually working on the industry right?(cross your finger, pray, and work hard!ahahahha)

well, i think it for a while, and options is important for me, since there should be a PLAN A and PLAN B..without it, im gonna just stuck on one point, and keeps revolving around it..so thank you mom for a lovely afternoon talking dish that you presented to me today, it means a lot...after what you've been thorugh, all what you just said is an extreme thought that needs to be suck it in really well...soo that you...

not to mention,

merry chirstmas and happy new year 2009,
may almighty GOD bless us with joy and properous in the spirit of togetherness
xoxo, rama :)

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