im back

so i just got back from Palangkaraya yesterday, with a light flu and sore throat!(errr, great job rama, you are sick when this is holiday -.- but anyway, for a wild ride in the jungle and got a chance to met up with orang utan live from the real jungle, is worth a price to me.hahahhaahah.actually, this sickness that i got, is because the wind that blow soo hard when i rode the cruise ship.

anyway, that is not the main issues, whats more important is that, all the natural habitat that i just saw became a thing that will be record at least in the next 15 years from now, and thats for sure. awww, come on im still like in the age of 30, and to get back into this time with all the photos that i should say "well documented" can be a good asset when i want to share it with my family and childrens (ahahahaa, marriage is just too much to talk about right now i think.lol!)

well, Palangkaraya is like small city actually, well bigger than Jakarta and Singapore ofcourse, and like that is sooo not obvious.located in the central of Kalimantan, while the other city is mostly near the coastline of the island.i should say, the city is kind of left out, since at night there are no street lamp that show the main road within the city distrcik, and guess what happened, DARK LIKE GHOST CITY!grrr~.so, maybe i can make a little hypothesis that all the city in Kalimantan is sort of like that, aahhaha,(vie maap yaaa, kalo lo baca ini, deskripsiin Balikpapan yaa?!soalnya pasti wayyy better then Palangkaraya loo..thanks!).in short Palangkaraya is till inhabitant..krikk.,krikk.,krikkk.

so, yeahh, thats all the highlight of the trip then, piccies here we come then, enjoy!

forest side view from the cruise

illegal logging :(

bridge to nowhere (since the road on the right side is not connecting to anywhere), but welcome to Palangkaraya

mosque 01

busy-busy day,

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