off to palangkaraya

heii guys, i kinda feel in the writing, since this blog has been kinda left out over my holiday!ahahaha, the last post is about the freedom wrting movie thing, yeahh, soo let just move on..

my mom said to me ealier in the day, that the trip to Palangkaraya should be documented well.and, i realized that in about 10-15 years from now, we are going to remember this vacation well enough with all the memory through the photo..

but thats not the important case, since this is my first time ever to step on Kalimantan, i hope (and cross my finger real hard) so it would be a nice and refreshing time for all the family (and most importantly me!ahahah)

so, my flight will take off @ 08:30, and yeah, i know sleeping is what i need right now.ahahaha.


i dunno..


see you on monday,

picts will be post on tuesday or monday afternoon.

see ya!

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