fun day!

yay!!!my friday outing day turn out to be a blast!oo yes, after 2 weeks on cramping the test, smells of mall never been this good with sour sally on hand...and movies with friends..huahhh!!!what a relief..thank god for inventing something called a mall...

anyway, hows ur day?physic students said the test is hard!but i dunno, its because came from me so it became like that, and gino's said it just okayy...noo problemo then..

city of ember became our choice for the movie, and its good...i mean, for being rated as a "teenager" they have a good quality on story line and effect ofcourse. the story is telling us about how these two kids who actually believed theres a way out from the city. Ember, that already existed for atleast 200 years. is in the sake of destruction, and their ancestor believed the only way on saving the life on the society is by going out from the city itself, by following certain instruction that located in the box that already passed on from many years ago...wanna know how the Lena and Dan can survive the thrill, i suggest you guys to watch it..its pretty good movie to start your holiday..tehhee~

hmm, what else, ooo yes!i have guitar lesson tomorrow, and lebaran haji on monday.eughh, and i havent start practicing for the lesson, for your info, damnn im gonna screwed by my teacher...grrrr!!

anyway, maybe i just do it later in the night (hehhee, proscastinating is fun!!ahahaha, for the holiday ofcourse..kekekek.)

until then, bye for now!

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