morning call

oo yess, friday and i woke at about 7:00am, what could be me tempting this...yay!my first day of holiday..which going to be a blast!yayy...celine and some other NON-PHYSIC are asking me out to senci to have lunch together and watch movies there..sooo there i said it, its going to be a blast!

currently listening to: walau habis terang-Peterpan and manusia sempurna-Nidji

so anyway, physics kiddos are still struglling with their exam, sooo wish you a very good luck on the test kay guys,,i know you can do it!YAY!!!!(what a non-emotional support statement.heheh)

i think thats all for the morning, catch you after the "friends go out" day.hehhehee.

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