no idea :D

today is the busiest from any other day.since 9:30am, i need to go with my mom around, from PP to Senci.ohh, FYI its not some shopping therapy or any kind of fun stuff, but rather than a babysit session...oo yess, what a not-not dehh..

anyway, i cant wait for dufan!fajar is now currently chat in MSN about this.im not sure who's gonna come, but he suggest that i need to announce it in the messenger, so people can know, and add people to join in the outing!yayy!!!well,its actually kiki's idea in the first place, but...im not doin it yet.sorry guys,hehehhee,

grrr, tomorrow is Eidul Adha...well, here goes lamb curry and more fatty food people!

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