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hei guys, good morning

hows ur holiday so far?christmas is coming in few weeks?got your trees standing in ur living room already?well, i hope you guys have a nice one...but anyway, i just had my DUFAN trip last tuesday.which is a BLAST SHOULD I SAY!you know what, this is the first time that im not using my driver and private car to travel around jakarta, since BUSWAY IS THE WAY!!!WEE~

oo yess, the team in that day, choose to rode busway all the way to ancol.thanks to ferina and brian that figuring the route on the way there.i just realized also, its not really that hard to reach that hard, you need only 7000 rupiah (soo its about 7 cents i think) and strong feet to stand up in the bus, and VOILA!you'll get there in 2 hours; approximately time..ahahaha.

it just too bad, when we got there, the weather is not that supportive.the sky kinda a cloudy and have a muddy color on it, so when i got out from the bus terminal, rain is kinda pouring to us..ooo BUT THATS NOT MAKES US NOT RODE ALL THE RIDES IN THEREE!!ahahahha!!!

i think, i dont really have soo much too say, photos from the trip would be nice..ahaha. enjoy!

ferina and her donkey!

ariani :D

merry go round was soo much fun!

the F couple

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