a taste for change!

last night i just watched FREEDOM WRITERS..ohhmyygodd, i never realized that even in 1992 the racist war is still happened in America.well, the set is taken on Long Beach, but come one guys, the war is still on.people's colors, tribes, religion, is still something that become a burden to every single person that lived the area.they are finding their own territory to survive...

so what is the meaning of ONE WORLD and ONE VOICE then?does this count now?even myself still cant implement this idea..these kids really open our mind that, to become ONE there always a fight that needs to be done.without it, everything just a crap.the 118 minutes movie, will take us into the journey, where we get the chance to see other side of life..

"we are not just kids that study in the classroom.but we are individuals that have a voice with a freedom to write"
~freedom writers 2007

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