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its been a week since i left this blog for a while.school started guys, so i think that could be a good excuses to not wrote that often..hehehee, well i dont really have to say much about it, since school is just being THAT.

anyway, first week of school seems soooo long, i think my body is adapting to the normal routine again for the next 5 months?well, if im not miss count, but thats the thing, is not really that easy to woke up in the morning and rode a bike with a baggy eyes.eughh, that just soo not not you know, ahaahaha, sorry for a little whining..but, friends and works can atleast distrack a bit of my day.soo, cheers for that.

i just went to Adhty's birthday bash, and yeah, its another 17 party just like clarissa said "its going to be a full pack year!since most of out friends is turning that age, and we just dont know what to buy for them, ahahaha."well its true actually, not for me ofcourse, since im still 16, and what can i say, everyone have their time to turn seventeen right..

kayy then, i dont have really much to say,

happy birthday dhyt,
hope you have a very 17ish and not 7 year..

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