we called ourselves a teeanger

so, today i just had A BLAST NIGHT WEEKEND!i arrange a reunion with my elementary friend which turn out to be a blast (myy god, i just cant stop saying that!ahahahah)
anyway, here's a little updates, just like i promised in the previous post ritee.ehhehe

sweetest :)

arif and rizki, they soo changing

rina+hubby, and arif, what the heck is happening guys?

we just created, gaulista and gaulsz

this is nice.

the batch of 2004

see, 5 years passed from the graduation of year 6, this is what we are right now, grown up and i should say a teenagers.ahahaaa,
xoxo, love you guys,
see you on the next reunion :)
indah, bantuin yaaa kalo ada lagi,
see yac!

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