hell of a load weekend

the last weekend for me, especially for holiday occasion like now, can determined whether you have a nice break or not.it can be seen from how well you can feel in the end of day on sunday.if you have a good one, then congrats, you just get through a blast, but if not, sorry to say, better luck next time (which is 6 months from now,nehhhehhe)

so, this weekend im back to my basic routine, which is guitar lession @ Pacific Place, and off to lunch somewhere in malls.BUT!there's something different today, which make me kind of excited from now.im going to my elementary reunion @ PIM!wowwnezzz!

one of my friend is kinda confused for me, since she said that "gimana caranya coba elo bisa ngumpulin anak-anak sebanyak itu, dasar loo, GILA!". well, this is not purely my idea ofcourse, there are a friend also that help me doing this.so, worth the price?will see how it goes in the afternoon.

i hope we take a lot of piccies, so there will be an update regarding that reunion.soo, see you and have a nice weekend.better watch out for the updates!


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