being thoughtful

so, the days of my holidays is counting down into zero at no time.my preparation for monday, is done pretty well, there's still some work, but not much, that need to be finished and polished a little bit. until now, im just craving for my routines, since 6 weeks of holidays, has made me a couch potatoes and lazy ass..grrr, i hate that..

thursday, and coming out friday, soon to be saturday.ahaha, ohh, im planning to go out with my elementary school buddies @ the weekend.i havent tell them, but im gonna do it later, either today or tommorrow.will see.im soo excited, since there's been some chance that we try to fit in to the schedule, but seems imposibble to gather all of us, soo i wished really hard that its going to be worth the price.amen

im currently watching The Real World: Brooklyn, ooo yess, its another tv addiction moment by rama.i just fell in love when i first watching it.its not because there's just so many eye candy thing that i can watch, but it just something.sorry, for being so crappy about it, but that just it.i skipped the "Hollywood" series, but religously i followed the "Sydney" edition.but this, is like 100000x wayyyy hotter than two of them, cause you know what, the drama seems to get fired up in the very first episode, noo that too long, in the first 20minutes of the show.myy, the producer really want the audience to hook us on the bait of RW series..cccckkckcc,

anyway, my desktop is back, soo yay!and im gonna start study later in the afternoon.so, see you in a bit then, bye-bye

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