second before the first

this is the second last weekend, where i can laid back in the morning and have a little bit of tv until about 10.next week, its all about 5 to 5 people, so in short, school start.ooohhhmiii, well this year im sure there something different going to happen, which i dont know for sure what it is, well binusians we gonna find out soon, kay...

hows weekend?

not much, i had my guitar lesson yesterday, which turn out to be hand "pegel-pegel" incident.i barely touch it during the holiday, so thats the price i had to pay for not practicing.luckily, my teacher or should i say maestro, seems to understand that during the new year's most of his students are not practicing.hehehheehhhe, thanks pak arthur.

hmm, today, i woke up with baggy eyes, since my maid scream "YOUR GRANNY JUST FELL OF FROM HER BED!!!", ohhmyyy, i just ran as fast as i could to her room, and found her in the floor.and on that time, im not even wash my face or wore my sandals.oohnoo,

P.S: it turn out that i go out with dog around the neighbour,heheehehee, it was sunny and kind of brezzy outside.cheers!

tommorow is monday, so its 7 days to school :D

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