busway is here!

soo, after complaining for the last 12 month, my biggest wish is granted, and thank you godd!!YESS THANK YOU!busway coridor 8 that passed through Permata Hijau until Lebak Bulus is here.well, the most importantly is that, THE BUS PASS THROUGH MY SCHOOL!UHHHH, thats cool!

i thank my god, and now i wanna thank you my city governor ofcourse for providing the public transportation that is very convinent to ride, but also cheap for student pocket like moi.ahahhaa, thank you.well, what i can here is that, with our new governor, we see a changes...i mean a real one.dont you guys realized that, in some part of jakarta, like say in Barito, the fish market that used to be there is now changed into this beautiful and confy park, where they have little fountain and place to hang out.SOO THAT IS COOL PEOPLE!for me, since Jakarta is in serious need for a park, rather than mall ~.~

anyhow, it takes me only 2 minutes from my closest station to the school so thats another plus that i need to add on...and yeahh, for binusians for those who lived close to Permata Hijau, pleasee...ride busway now, come onn..at some point you reduce the use of emission gasses you know, and YES THE BUS IS USING A GAS power rather than pertol gas, sooo wuhuuu!!!

yeahh, i know, i kinda exxagerate things a bit in here, but you know what, start using public transportation people, they are here to serve us!soo, try something new for this, is recomended to be tried!happy trying everyone :)

oo, here's a little pic of the ticket that i used today,hehehhe, (sok pamer dee guee~~~)

thanks busway :)

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