soooo, i think thsi blog will be weekly updated should i say?since, the only time that i have time to sit time, and let my train of thought goes through, is either saturday or sunday..well, good for me then,

anyway, lets just not started this with school, cause you know what's going on anyway.therefore, im gonna start with my friday.like usual, i came home around 6 PM yesterday after the badminton lesson, too bad there are no supervisor in the session, soo basically im just whooring and doing nothing in the last 2 hours, so i can wait for Diga to came home together, with busway.ahahahaha,

and then, yeahh, everything seems to be fine, until, when i reached home, my mood suddenly went drop!like IDK what the heck is going on, but its like SUDDEN MOODSWING that hit me right on the face, and while everyone seems to have fun doing their thing, im just sitting here, infront of my lappie, with the sad and desperate moment..oohhmyy, im such a thing...whatever you called it then..

oohh, soo i decided to go out for a while, and talk to my dad and grannies, and yeahh, the moodswing seems to be carried on until there, BUT!yaa gitu dee, ngak jelas gitu laaa...

but anyhow, i want my friday to be my resting point after a long hours of school, soo yesterday its kind of pissed me a while, since some still bothering me with school stuff, while i want to have my rest, its really annoying..im sorry to say this, but sometimes people is needing those kind of moment to lay their head from all that kind of shitty shit in their week..

oo well, let it let it be, just like what an old man said huh?
right then, saturday is here, and i have dinner party tonight?oo yeahh, morgan or other guys please confrim the venue to me, kay?!thanka,

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