sooo, the birthday is coming already, and now im sitting here with fun filled mind..ahahahaa,
goshhh, all my friend had this CREAM AND COOKIES CAKE for my 16th...awww, i cant even say anything, they suddenly came out and then, sing the happy birthdayy.ahahahaha. and yeahh, diga kinda slap me on a face, so i dont recognize that im gonna look at their preparation.ahahhaaa, thanks di for the slapping.

but hey, today, like everyone, i mean for all, they said happy birthday to me, and OOHHMYY!!thank you for making up my days guys, but seriously that kind of thing, really boosting up my emotion level..and you know what's lenni said to me, "myy, you are soo like sugar high todayy, raam", well its not actually a sugar high, is just that i want to share that HIGHNESS to those people around me.ahahahaha,

well, now me and nandta ofcourse, is an official 16 partner, ritee nann!!WUHUU~~
1 year to LEGAL bb!!
tribute to all besties, and ofcourse closest relatives.
xoxo, rama

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