365 days before today

as i remembered myself crossing the atlantic ocean, theres a thought inside my head where i keep convincing myself that im gone away from where i belong.yes, i hope you know that feeling.

gladly, my memory still get a glace of snowflakes and some chill air that i enjoyed in NY exactly 365 days ago. where i sti still in my bed, waiting for the morning comes. it feels like something is left out from me, since i just cant feel the joy of new age on that time. so, yeahh, i just keep staring those falling white crystal from the black clouds that glittering the city that never sleeps.

my dad come exactly at 21:40 bringing korean food, and ask me to have a dinner. we ate quitely, like there's nothing special gonna happened. the emptiness that i felt, add the freezing night into some blizzard that just coming out from nowhere..and i kept convincing myself, that is not going to be the worst year ever..

i hope this year would be another 365 years that leave a mark that im not going to forget.
coutning out into 2:54 minutes..

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