randomness 101

yayy!! hello peeps, howwdiehowdiidoo??!!
ahaaha, its been a while, again,,since i wrote the last post, eh?yeps, its like a week ago, i think.
soo before i said any further, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANDRA (5th february) and GINO (25 january), oohhmyy im such a late updater -.-"
but anyway, happy belated birtdahy guys,xoxo,

well, i had to say that, i kinda having this feeling where i just dont have nothing to tell to any of you!BUT!currently, i've been craving for Indonesian books, which trun out to be such an amazing thing, since it just soo good.i dont know why.however, i also made this reading list for 2009 where i looked over the goodreads.com (oo yeahh, im very RECOMENDING the website for those books lover, they have a very organized and neat website, soo please check it out)

anyway, i just realized that sound from guitar can actually sooth myself in a way.since, this weekend, my dad is like turn on his compo, and tune this guitar pieces, which i dunno who's the player is, and on that time i was kinda work on my report, and every tunes that coming out from there, is like a boosting rocket to my brain cells :)
ahahaha, i know ritee, its such a ridicolous in some way.,.ahahahah.

kayy then, i think randomness is fun for some reason,
thanks for reading it anyway,
ahhhhehee, counting to 16 in 48hours :)

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