so before i start off with the post, facebook has just launched the NEW LAYOUT,ooohhmyy so called "unimportant" effect from me is noww on.but anyway, its just layout right, what can you say about it.

ehmm, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ADI, yeps buddy you're 16 nowww..wohooO!!!and also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MG!yeahh, 17 would be you're kick ass year...just cross you finger and hope the best.amen.

ahh,since both of my friends has their birthdays a few days ago, then there's going to be some parties to celebrate both of this kids, and whats more is that, THEY'RE ON THE SAME DAY!but, thank god is not within close hours, cause if yes, i cant divide myself into two and be at two places at one time..ahahahaha, im not that superhero :D

busy busy busy dayy coming up, and yes, i have another birthday tommorow, but now its my sister who just turned 4 on 12 March..yess, its going to be a childrens galore with all their screaming and sweat all over them -.- (and i wish i could survive in there..yes, another prayer needed)

OOHH!! i forgot, shcool is over you know, well, yes I HAVE MY TERM BREAK!thats cool..soo 2 weeks with no english and bio would be nice...and yes, i still have to go to school for my CAS while some of them gone to Bali and Japan...have fun buddies :) (its going to be a pre-summer celebration for you guys), ennnn im going to have my own time, since Singapore trip is coming up on the 26 of March, sooo im going to skip school for around 4 days i think...teheeee....

right then, off to breakfast,ciao..,
have a nice weekend everyone..

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