moodswing kinda like...

hei guys, dont you realize its monday and i can do an updates,ahahaha, i knoww, usually im stuck infont of my lappie and do stuff, but thanks for the Project Week, i will having a more light week before heading off for singapore trip.

anyway, i kinda feel moodswing for a reason, which i dont know what the heck that is?its like a come and go thing, which i hate soo much when they come.earlier me and anya had this convo where it lead to the someting like this, "eughh, i wish i could go", "mungkin aja bukan rejeki nyaa, kalo iya pasti kita pergi kok." But as i think again, again, and again, this could be something that kind of bothers me, but i know i cant whine or whatsoever, but i cross my finger now while im writing this, and i hope the best for this week.

and now, im gonna drop my eyes down to Grey's Anatomy marathon, ciao in the OR..ahahaha.

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