right then, i kinda feel my brain is telling me to wrote stuff.soo here i am, clicking those tabs in keyboard to wrote my stuff.

lets starts off with my project week then.we just finished it today, and i should say its a blast!no kidding!i thought its going to be a normal kinda stuff school thing, but it turn out to be, something called ehmm, emotional session studies.i love it, yesss, its came straight from myself.you kinda think, what the heck are these kids doing.ahahaha, i knoww rite, well its mostly social work+school work, without the homework.ohh, maybe i like to put it like a school without a shit on it.nowww, thats better to have it that way, huh?for me, WWF trips is the most exciting, since i got a chance to made a paperbag from newspaper.oohh, FYI, the reason why they had a campaign on making paperbag from newspaper is that, these paper only valid for one day, and after that they are nothing like a trash.soo, like i said before, this is good way on supporting your environment, by making this kind of stuff that not just easy to be created and its a way on contribution yourself to this kind of issues.soo, thank you WWF for your issues.

hmm, what else in my mind, jakarta is kinda hot these days, my granny said its a transition phase from rainy season to dry season, which makes it like this.but for me, its a global warming, because in one the day within the week, i can see drastic changes in the sky, where in the morning its a clear day with blue skies on it, and at 1PM suddenly it turn out to be storm, thats just made me scared, seriously :( :( :( but its just my thought, so i hope its reminding you to be aware of your environment people, because going green never been a sin for the one who do it.

i think, thats all i wanna say, pictures coming out soon, i'll promise.ahahaha,
c you, and have a nice spring break everyone.

P.S. for those who just got back from Bali, i welcome you back to your lovely city of metropolitan, Jakarta.

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