long week,

just got back from singapore yesterday, and yess im tired for sure.i kinda having a jet lag, well its like a 12 hours time different or whatsoever, its some kind of weird actually, but yes im back for school and many stuff.

the immersion program went to be wayyy than im expected, so im glad that i joined this year.i spent most of the time in school, but its not really that bad right, to enjoy one of the top school in singapore and get a chance to get to know the peeps who are studying there.i also tried myself to get around the city and know the public transport, well atleast now i know to manage myself to orchard by either a bus or MRT.ahhaha, seriously i had a nice drill over there, because walking is a new thing while i was having the trip.

hmmm,met with someone's new?ofcourse, i met with Jeremy, he's my buddy....one thing for him, smart.oo yes, if you're not having that, sorry this place wasnt ment for you.i mean seriously, the school expect the student to had like an average GPA scores above 8!goshh, thats high?for me, not for them....

ahahhaa, soo i think a little update from me will "decorate" this empty space in my blog.
kayy then, see yaa.

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