a nice happy belated birthday for cavin.

long weekend people, how is it going?everyone has a nice break until now?hope the best 'kayy, and happy easter ofcourse, its a Good Friday outhere, and i expect some egg hunting and food to enjoy in your place..sounds good to me :) :) :)

before that, Happy Birthday Cavin, he's 17 noww!!keep rocking buddy :) :) :), wish you all the best all the life can offer to you.

hmm, got interesting topic to discuss?ofcourse, yesterday across all the indonesian citizens having their elections,yepps, its time to choose our new leader (well, the presidential voting is still on june, but for now, we only had a Representative to sit on DPR and DPRD),hows all those of you who already 17?are you guys choose already?really i wanna know the update..soo please tag me up to give me the info regarding the event.

im actually got nothing to share currently, just reviewing things earlier, cause i dont want to have a pile of things within the exam night and cramping all over it.

soo then, i think thats all for me, ciao.

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