i feel like posting.

now, im sitting here, in my study table and feeling to write something.
anyone know Barli Asmara?hmm, he's an indonesian designer, and i think his work already going abroad, if im not mistaken.so, i first heard his name through the Senci Fashion thingy, which i forgot (P.S. they had this WWF collaboration, where you can buy their bag for 100k and act as a supporter against platic bag) and when i knew his work, im just captivated with it.

idk, maybe it just me that have no sense of style and fashion in my blood.however, the way i percieve his work throuhg my average joe's lenses, he is an icon that indonesia need to open up a new path in a fashion industry.well, there are plenty more other designers that also had their work showcase in the event, but personally he is an unique figure, with his own sense of style.

showcase on SENCI Fashion First.
credit: http://images.kompas.com/detail_news.php?id=13328

(sorry, i just had a phonecall from nandra, regarding on how to use ULEAD for her video)

anyway, i think i had enough of chit chat about the beauty and fashion.

hmm, currently doing my summary note on Hedda Gabler, which part of my exam prep that i will be facing in the next hmm, 11 days.woww...

kayy then, have a good weekend everyone.

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