random update on ECO class.

just wanna have a little update on myself.ehmm, im in eco class, and others is studying their HL material..ahaha, ms B is talking about this MULTIPLIER thing, which i have nooo ideaaa what it is.

kayy thenn, im actually waiting for my movie rendering to be finished.oo yes, did i told u about this VNR thing that our ENGLISH departement ask to do?so, its like this media option project, where you can choose whether you can choose to make either a VNR, Propaganda Movie, or FOX NEWS REPORT.well. my group choose VNR, since we want to promote Ib with the underneath message of BINUS.ahahaa, soo A2, tunggu tanggal mainnya yaa.

hmm, what else.

last night i slept at 8...since i just cant hold on to my sloppy sloppy eyes, which i waiting to shut off at any moment.soo, while i should reviewing my eco material, i just crash my bed after dinner.so while back ago, after i woke up in the morning, my body is fully refreshed!!WUHUU!!!!

EXAM IN 2 WEEKS!oohhhmiigoddd,and im not ready!crap!
kayy then, c you.
P.S. thanks diga for your lappie,hehee, its really filling the gap on eco class.ahahaha.xoxo.

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