me love slacking!

i just realized, in the past 3 days i just slacked around my lappie, with nothing to do actually.ehmm, facebook, twitter, facebook again, and it just create a certain pattern, that if i have a power to swoosh all of that away, i can atleast concentrate more on my studies.

right then, exam is here, that is all what am i trying to say.oohh, i also just realizing that most of my post is about school..god, why i turn myself into someone nerdy or something.o well, now im sitting here, bio book is besides me waiting to be memorize...but i havent got any morning shower, since i found this "kaki seribu" walking down in my bathroom FLOOR!IUHHHHHH!!!and suddenly, when i woke up this morning and planed to had a shower, it just gone!I DONT WANNA GO TO SHOWER!!!STUPID ANTROPHOD!grrr...

oo, i wanna play cake mania.ekk, "arent you supposed to review the chapter on CELL?!", "oo well.."

see you! i wanna play games, and i started again later.wuhuu~

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