wish me luck for exam..

hei guys, just wanna have a lttle update..
god, its already june, i cant believe how times flies soo fast, i mean now im sitting on freshman and in few days im off to seniors.woww, everything seems to be like a blink of an eyes, and i realized how much i changed until the point i write this post...god knows god know ramm...

soo, hows weekend people?everything's good?hope so..
or got any things for summer this year?hmm, not for me i think..since dad said that i need to study at home to prepared for final exam...CRAP!!!soo thats mean, nooo going out!what the hell, but really i need a refreshment for a year of tortured from IB..like a real one, where i can delete all those craps in my brain and just put it in my imaginary recycle bin..huh~

anyway, i have business test this afternoon, but i need to tutor agnes and diga first..and maybe have a little lunch i think..oo well, will see..

currently listening to: katy perry:waking up in vegas
P.S. ichel, gw jg counting hours jg ke liburan. :) :) :) :) :)

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