rama said, "i think im gonna failed some of my exam tests"

right then, i supposingly to go to shower and have a review on math, oo well my hand feels ticklish to write something up today..

AWHAH)(#@UKJNALJHSLAKJS!!!!thank god exam is almost finish, (yeahh i knoww, he's trying to brings up school topic ~.~), BUT IM NOT GONNA SAID "ohmige its hard or whatsoever", instead i will said, "i think im gonna failed in some of the test",haaaahhh!!!

hmm, let start from A2, i dont think my "power" essay will persuade Donna enough, since she always always and ALWAYS wants more..okayy, and then A1 Indonesian, hmmm, "no comments", BIO..for this one i'll say "come on laaa, you cann haa you cann...(with optimistic thought, but scared to have an unoptimistic score..god..unoptimistic, what is that??!, and BUS..well that one is okayy for me...ECO which i just do it today, one word, "EEK!", and MATH..."god knows how"

ahh!!i want holiday like for real, and counting days to seniors within 24 hours now...hurray?but i dont want the HS to be over soo soonnnn!!!nohhhh....

ahhhh, my thought in my head just swirling in nowhere..god..
okayy then, im gonna have my shower..c u.

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