its been a while, and it become worsen by time to time

hey guys, sorry for the late reply. i just dont have any mood to write anything, cause again if i wanna share something with you guys, it is about school thing.which i found, it is kind overated, and i decided if it is going around the school, im just gonna save it for myself.

gosh,seriously im not getting though a good morning. just like my FB status, i used that phrase to describe my current situation right. here's what makes me kinda a pissed in these few days, people is distracting my plans with their plans. I MEAN GOD!PLEASE!I HATE THAT!what is the use of making schedule, if suddenly someone is just going to ruin it, ofcourse our PRIORITY will be the one on the list, NOT THOSE WHO ASK US TO DO IT!

its bothers me a lot since, i should i say, im those who really follow schedule religously..and if i dont do that, my principle in life is "you will messed on things, if you dont have a clear rundown on things to do on yourlie".it is been a while, and i found that it is very working for me.so, having this kind of things OFTENLY occurs in these few days, really bothers me a LOAD LOADS LOADA(*#Y(09837u098309!!!

so, thats kind of relieve, since i can just write all my "uneg-uneg" in this little space.
IT FEELS..EMPLTY RIGHT NOW!soo thats a good news.


oo have u guys heard about the AMBALAT issues that currently happening *again* between Indonesia and Malaysia. here's a thing, MALAYSIAN SUCKS TO THE ASS!seriouly, i know that the island is located on the FREE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC ZONE, but INDONESIA HAD IT ALREADY AS PART OF OUR COUNTRY!why bothers to fight with the nation that had been war with those colonials for atleast 350 years, i mean you'll get lost anyway..sooo GET LOST!!

seriously, Malaysia has been an ass to Indonesia.not just from Ambalat problem, but look at those maid that've been beat up. our goverment, unfortunately create a policy where it makes these people suffer there. they shouldnt get this kind of action, humans are supposed to be treated as they are, NOT LIKE A BUNCH OF GERMS THAT CAN BE ELIMATIED/DISCRIMINATED AT ONE TIME!THEY HAVE HUMAN RIGHTS YOU MALAYSIAN MORON!!!GOD, what have u guys been taught in school..

i felt a very dissapointment in my country that cannot fullfill a basic neccesaity of their individuals. for me, goverment should work harder and INFACT with the president that will be chosen on July, i wish they atleast give attention to this little glimpe of people that really need a hand for themself, cause if not things will get even worst that we can imagine.

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