so finally, i can enjoy the joy on unproductive day..which is full of lounging and tv streaming activity.nice.anyway, its been around a week and i dont think i have any particular plan for holiday..well, my parents said if i get a ticket to london, then i can fly to the city of mr.Shakespeare, but will see..if the luck is on me,they voila!maybe i can meet up with Prince William and Charles..just wait me there.

i planned for Dufan to tomorrow, but its kinda a vague right now if the things goes according to plan, cause too bad Ariani cant come, since she had thing interview or exercise in her English course, so thats leave out to me, Ferina, and Diga (plus his babyboo), and Fajar (hope he can make it..)i dont know..i felt like rotten at home and not doing something. well, last week i spent myself on schoolwork, but now..since its everyone already gone for holiday, so school visit is not an option.

hmm, i think thats my update people..i hope that my grade will be good.amen..
cause that will help A LOAD in my holiday.c u.

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