"...actually diving is one of the optimum sport in Indonesia, they just fit perfectly with the topographic.."

oo the tittle its one of the saying that i OVERHEARD from one of the members of our diving group.yes, people i went on diving last saturday w/ Ferina, Monique (her sister), and Om Ferdy (Ferina's mother)..and the overall result is 10/10 which mean PERFECT, i love it!love you bb!!

so, the day started at 4am in the morning, and you should know that Jakarta's traffic is still empty, and it feels like you own the road!ahahaha, it only took about 10 minutes from my house to KFC located near RSPI.ckckc, i was amazed by that.it is like Lebaran's day, but it started a little bit earlier.ahahaha..anyway, i had to go there, since the Ferina's will pick me up there, and go together to the diving site.

on the road, i talk a lot, really like A LOT OF THINGS with Ferina, not to mention that Monique had this BIG CUDDLY DOG PLUSHIES named Ribbon and Whitey,,ohhmyygodd they're just sooo cuteeeeee!!!i love it.i dont mean to be sissy or whatsoever, but when you try to hug the dolls and let yourself snuggled to one of the part of the body, then its feels like heaven.ahaha, they just sooo cute!anyway, but that's not the point, we talk from A-Z and from Z-A...soo its a lot.i cant even remember what am i talking to her on that time..

it took about 3 hours, from Jakarta to the diving site that located in the place called Pulau Sanghyang.on the way there, you need to pass through some of the industrial site that located near the place, and really it is such an experience, since i never witness place like that in my life, soo when i passed though the site, i had a "WOW" effect, cause i cant event stop saying WOW to myself..

anyway, i its about 15 minutes trip from Anyer's freeway to the location of the port where we supposed to meet with all of the group.at the place, there is a boat waiting for us to go the site.while we are on the boat,,ohhmyy the sun is just shone soo bright, skies had a blue color, and the wave is not really that hard..picture yourself a perfect yacht trip..where everything seems soo nice.God I LOVE IT!

(so, done with buddy checking, and all those diving equipements thingy, ITS TIME TO DIVE!!)

i kinda mess up in the 1st dive, since i tried to adjust again with the condition.its been like a year since my last diving trip, and OOHHMYY everything is sooo different...my god...and you know what i saw in there, corals..corals...corals!!I LOVE IT!they're just colorful and fish is everywhere..i feel like in the underwater flower garden,,really!its awesome..i wish i had a picture on it, too bad they dont have any underwater camera.o well, a description might entertain you and me a bit..

however, in the 2nd dive its not really that entertaining as the first one actually, since i had this sydrome called nitrogen narcosis..so, if you are not diving for a particular time, then the gas in your tank for breathing will make your body dizzy at some point, since its not coping with the environment well, soo thats why.when i got up from the ocean, my head is like SUPER DIZZY, and i felt like throw up!

anywyay, the syndrome went off for about 2 hours i think..and after that we heading back to the land, and we're finished for the day!

wuhuuu!its super fun i should tell you..i will never forget about that!!!

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