i feel like a wreck right now

so when i woke at about 6PM, my head seems to be whirling for no reason..its makes me hard to wake up from bed, but on the other hand i should wake up!since its almost nighttime and i cant stayed too long, cause it will distract my night sleep.anyway, i just force myself to go to the bathroom and took a shower..

but!its not over until that point, now what i feel is that, my tummy seems to be rumbling..i dont know why..god, i hate the "i dont know answer" that coming out from myself, it seems to be a mystery thats impossible to be solved!however, i ate my lunch at about 11AM today, cause i had to rush to my meeting @ mall with some friends, regarding our next project on school.in the place, im not eating anything, wait...i are something..its like some japanese food or something, its sort of fill in my tummy, since i double up my lunch today's then..

god!i really wanna eat right now, and hoping that my tummy will stop rumbling, so i can relief myself.. :( :( :(

ciao people :(

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