a continuation from long break

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dear all,

yes, im back for another blogging session.its been a while, i know..its just that, everything that i had in my life, is rather personal, than to be shared with all of u.however, i kinda of think to start again, to decorate in my little space on the net, where i can freely express everything i want.

so, lets start from my trip to Cilincing.so, me and some of my friends, and visiting the Fisherman's village in Cilincing area.well, we actually want to witness that new library that HOPE opens for the childrens in the region.for me, its been one of the extraordinary experience, since not only i witness the updates that from my 1 visit, but to open myself into a new boundraies outiside of myself.

im gonna post some photos to share with u guys, so i just want to end my long break, with some of the e-photos.enjoy!

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