i valued my family so much at this point

so today i went out with ray and ayu to senci, and we watched transformers 2,ahahaha, for me its my second time to had it, but its okayy..i still laugh about it anyway..

it all went very all, and its wayy than i ever expected.i cant believe that, i've been living in the family where there are teenagers within my age, im just glad to had it.especially when me and those guys are having a very emotional talk.it just really bump it very well, cause i neve felt that within my own family.its just a whole a different game to me, and im just embracing the fact that i have to grow up with them!cool!

family for me is not when you can laugh your ass off with your parents, or talk anything you want without having to care about a single thing, that might hurts both you or your parents. the word can be explained into something more formal, where you really need to earn a respect religiously without having to say no. thats the meaning for myself, and truthfully i felt very dissapointed on knowing that is happening to myself. therefore, when i had a "cousins" day out should i say, it give me a different vibe about myself and other people within my family, and you know what, it is becoming one of a motivation for me to create a family where my son/daughther can say whatever they want, without having to care about the feeling.

communication is something that is very important for everyone, especially among the family.that is why, i really want to BREAK THE CYCLE within my own family, so the same situation that happened to me, continues on my descendant later on..surely i will make that as one of the main principle on my parenting life.amen.

soo, as i said ray..im putting my experience on my blog..

P.S, quote of the day from uncle ray's: "..i've been getting through a lot of things in life, and i want you to become someone that is even stronger than me.cause i know, and believe, in the future you will gifted with something good.just focus, and keep doing a nice things on your life"~Ray Baskoro

dude, you have noo idea how much i appreciate you thought today.cheers bro,God Bless..

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