my little summer holiday

hello everyone, sorry for my absence on the post.
well, i dont really called it a holiday, since mine is just started like 10 days ago, while my days of summer had been rolling for 2 weeks, i think...oo well, its better you had it rather than nothing.

so, hows ur summer guys?or for those who's in the Indonesia?holiday is a perfect word the describe the activity that is not required any of of those mind cramping, its laid back time, thats why it is called as a holiday.well, mine seems to be pretty good.i mostly spent my 2 weeks at home by watching my sister over, since one of our maids is out for sick calls for few days, soo thats why..also, if i dont missed it, my dad is a way, soo i need to help my mom on babysitting.

however, its all worth it, look at me now.. busy with movies, yet meeting with my school project.WOOPS!school?hmm, its not really a big deal, its a project, soo i assure you it is something fun.noo problemo, should i say..awww come on, doing something goods for you sourounding in your free time?what could be better than that, huh?its a good deed that EVERY TEENS should do!wuhuu, hope you're agree with me?hehehe.

its been a while, since i dive myself into my lappie, and just work on paperworks, or phones that ask/inform people about the updates on the event.especially, facebook..they're like almost 20/7 standby!cause i mostly update everything via internet, soo im being a net freak for this past weeks..and i think i liking this job a lot!you know, communication skills is a basic needs that EVERYONE should have it in their life, especially in the human relations area..woww, you need A VERY comprehensive, yet integrated skills on dealing with people.i just hope that, by doing this, i can gain something good, for my future.amen.

oo well, without blabbing too much about my thing, i just hope you guys have a great summer.for binusians, we had like 2 weekends to go, before heading off to school.thats a lot of time!weee!
bye everyone..

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