so far, so (too) good

just got back from Bali yesterday, FYI im getting brown(ier) should i say..ahahhaa. you have no idea how the sun in there, it was FREAKINGLY HOT TO THE MAX!!!!! i just cant believe my self. but again, if its not like that then it is not Bali right?

so, merry christmas severyone and happy new year 2010. have you make any resolution for next year. hmm, so far i have like 10 things to be done and reflect before the '10 is over. what about you guys? but for sure, one the top five in my list is graduate w/ score 30ish above in my IB Diploma (ooo yes, for those of you who took this curriculum, you will know how much pain we will have on getting this score right?!)

well, satu kata yang menjelaskan Bali..SEPI! the island that is voted as one of the best destination in the world is sepi. i try to ask some people about it and they dont even know the reason why?! i was thinking this must be the impact from the recent bombing that we had. just imagine for you selves, how scary is that! however, i still managed to do things like para-sailing, rafting and a bit of shopping though.hehhehehee. but here's the thing, i kinda like t-shirt that made locally. their design has the same quality just like any imported goods that sold in the island. i think thats one of the reason why i should love Bali.

ooo, here's some picture that i took when i was there...

Legong dance @ Ubud

my sister playing sand on Kuta beach.she lovin' it!

Bali blue sky, mau dimana lagi coba dapet kyk gini?!

Tuban beach 01
Align CenterTuban beach 02

for me having to enjoy all of these is like receiving a piece of heaven. as an Indonesian, i should embrace the beauty of nature that Bali gave to me in the last 3 days of my trips. nothing can beat that, and i think thats one of the reason why we should explore more our Indonesia rather than going abroad. personally, this is my guilty pleasure.

thank you Bali and Indonesia. karena aku bangga jadi anak Indonesia!

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