unexpected result

today, i decided to came to school for polishing some unfinished business with some teachers and work that is left out during the school days. its nice to met some friends, and able to laugh a bit with teachers before heading off for hols. for me, holiday is good only for two reasons: 1) i can have a late morning wake up, 2) i can stay late for whatever reason that God knows why, im sorry to say that other than that..its just makes me unproductive and lazy ass, which eventually will makes me hard to refuel myself when the school start.

so, some teachers already told me about the scores that i got from the exam. i should say its far than i expected. of course, math and science will be the worst,but i just hope for the best from languages and humanities. in the end, i should work my ass of even harder in he next 6 month. *this is a good motivator to achieve higher on Mock exam and finals on May*

well, for the next couple for day i would like to refresh my mind a bit from a so called bad news, and let my self be spoiled with what holidays offers me. maybe, i will start to work a bit during the second week of hols, so i will be occupied enough and be someone that is production, FOR GOD SAKE!

so long my friend...counting down to x-mas in 8 days :) :) :)

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