yes, i finished it well

well, the title is adopted from my teacher's quote during school days. i kinda like it, since its very inspirative and keeps me going whenever im down or not in the mood on doing something. she always said that, "everyone can have a very good start, but only some can finish it them well", i think i should agree with that, since really im not that kind of person.but, its the lesson to learn, knowing that i can push myself in the last 5 days is a reward and a result from believing, yet trying to assimilate the meaning in my life.

so, exam is over and hols is just around the corner?got any plans?i hope you do.
bali's trip will be on 22nd-24th December 2009, *yawwnnnn* but wth, seeing the beach and sunset will be a perfect gate away from 6 month of stressed :) :) :)

anyhow, speaking of "finishing" something well, i got a thing to share...i know its kinda private, but wth!

for me, the term "finish" can be defined as when you and other people can actually get done one thing without leaving anything behind...however, i've been believing that in the last couple of years...and now i have to regret the situation where its just going to be another bullshit in my life.oo yeahh, shit do happens people.

its ironic and pathetic to know that, someone who actually thought to be friend will leave you somehow cause he/she already accomplished their dream and goals in life.did they realized that sometimes, its not just about YOU but people that who actually help you to get there...im not trying to portray myself as the one who should be appreciated, but a little understand and kindness would be nice to offer from you guys...

"never center yourlife to friend, boyfriend/girlfriend" is what i hold on to right now.everything changes, shit do happens, and seriously..dont be someone who will fall into the pit for 3rd times..cause that makes you a stupid person..learn it and move on..

sorry that i made my decision now, but when SHIT happens to you..i simply dont wanna think about it.cause there are other people that will not think their own shit...

goodbye and so long my friends.

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